Welcome to Ocean TV, the longest running British satellite company in Mallorca and the only company that installs Sky and Freesat operating from a physical office.  Ocean TV is the only official British Bose dealer in Mallorca.

Ocean TV has built its own UK satellite IPTV streamer to give Xpats in Mallorca over 130 subscription free channels.  

BBC signals are at its maximum weakest 21st of Novemeber untill 21st of January its at its strongest peak 21st of June and maintains a strong signal 2 months either side of these dates ie  21st of April to 21st of August.

ITV1 is easy to fix if you follow our video on the YouTube link on the top right hand corner of our home page its explains how to get back ITV1 on Sky HD boxes, old standard def sky boxes and Freesat boxes, for more information click above on satellite installations.